The Bollerman Home

— A Platinum-Rated Green Home —

The Bollerman’s brought us a set of plans designed by another local firm. Upon inspection, we discovered several structural as well as aesthetic deficiencies. When we brought these issues to their attention they asked us to redesign their home but keep the layout as close to the original concept as possible.

The result is a home that is not only structurally sound but takes advantage of their property, maximizes their views and is extremely energy efficient. Their home received a Platinum Rating from EarthCraft and ENERGY STAR. Their first months electric bill was only $115.00!

Steve & Karen Bollerman
Steve & Karen Bollerman
Dear Eddie,

Karen and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the successful completion of our new home at Smith Mountain Lake, and take this opportunity to recommend you and your firm PD&M to future prospective clients.

As you know, during the construction Karen and I resided in Connecticut, which is some 500+ miles from the project. As such it was imperative to us that we hire a reliable builder who would stay focused on our project and keep it on schedule and on budget. You did an excellent job in this regard. You had control of the process at all times hired reliable quality subcontractors, and you kept us informed of required decisions. Your management of the project exceeded expectations and kept the stress level manageable.

Our decision to hire PD&M was based upon the thorough review and evaluation process you undertook with our plans, all done prior to being hired as our builder. Your review (in conjunction with Eric) resulted in a few changes which yielded a better and result and more efficient home. Your pricing was fair, and the allowances were generally adequate.

We welcome the opportunity to show our new home to your prospective clients and will gladly provide a personal reference to them describing our experience as a PD&M client. Finally, we thank you for guiding us through this process and protecting our interest as we realized our dream of a having a beautiful lakefront home at SML to share with our family for years to come.