The Baker Home

The Baker home may look like a deceptively small cottage from the front. This was due to the rather narrow point of land we had to work with. However, once inside the size will surprise you. Jean brought in some interior design professionals from Washington DC and we worked closely with them to bring their dreams to reality. This home was recently featured on the cover of the prestigious DuPont REGISTRY of Fine Homes.

David and Jean Baker
David and Jean Baker
As we developed the design of our new home at Smith Mountain Lake we realized that for our dreams to come true we would need a builder who understood how to capture the quality and details that were important to us.  We selected Eddie Fort at PD&M.

Eddie worked with us throughout the construction of our home to ensure what we wanted became a reality.  As our raw land became transformed into a home, we were amazed by the attention to detail by Eddie and all the subcontractors involved. From the foundation to the electrical, to the plumbing to the finish and stonework, it was obvious that pride of workmanship was important to all that were involved.  Unique features such as our fireplace mantle lighting and design brought together impressive ideas from Eddie, Dom our Electrician, and Ed the finisher – the result, a masterpiece exceeding our expectations.

As Eddie would give us progress reports, we told him that we trusted the result but needed to verify for ourself the quality of his work. “Trust and verify” became the phrase we used between us.  We entrusted our dreams with Eddie and he treated that trust with the greatest importance.  We never found a variance when we verified progress – it was always as Eddie reported. The greatest compliment someone can get is what others say – from our friends, neighbors, and even our banker, we heard repeatedly “You found a great builder in Eddie.”  Thanks to PD&M, our dreams came true!